OrthoScience Product Development

The OrthoScience team started with a simple premise, how can we help orthodontists grow and provide better service to their patients?

Through extensive workshops, user testing, and prototyping, a clear mission coalesced: develop a platform that leverages the combined knowledge of doctors and their cases into a single unified portal where students, doctors and patients can grow and make better decisions.

Good Dog Design initially developed an iPad prototype (using Sketch and Principal) to illustrate the core concpets and generate interest from potential investors. Once the project was a full steam, we designed and developed the initial MVP. 

Design + Development included:

  • Custom UI/UX Design
  • Functional Prototypes
  • Data Design
  • Sys Ops
  • React Front End
  • Fully Custom Rails Development
  • Customized Graphql for Detailed Searches (timelines, products, and doctors)
  • Project Management and QA

One of the biggest challenges in this project was developing a unified data structure to record and detail all aspects of the a case history. We developed a highly customized CMS that allows case import and finishing from across different in-house case management software.

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