ABC's MediaSync App

By syncing supplemental content with a television program as it ran, the MediaSync App offered viewers a groundbreaking way to engage with their favorite shows. Good Dog initially worked with the Nielsen team to develop concept art that was used for pitches to various networks. These comps were focused on individual shows and customized for each presentation. 

Good Dog also worked on the initial iPad prototype. Our team developed a working prototype that used the watermark detection technology via the iPad's internal mic. The prototype demonstrated how the actual encoded audio could be used to trigger events within the app. 

The final app was developed by the team at Gravity Mobile. We were impressed with their dedication and ability to get the app built, tested and delivered within an extremely tight timeline. The overall project was a huge team effort, and there was plenty of hard work put in by ABC Digital and Nielsen to get the app ready for release.

During the final build, we continued to provide visual design and prototype art. Good Dog built an additional prototyping tool to help the teams at ABC and Nielsen quickly test content scenarios, enabling them to simulate the synchronized interactive experience.

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