Web Design + Development

Our Approach

All of our sites and web applications are different. We work closely with our clients to create unique environments and experiences. Early in the development, we build a thorough understanding of our client’s personality and goals, as well as the needs of the audience. This understanding becomes the source of our concepts and recommendations, so that the design is tailored to specific needs. Our process ensures that our sites are as individual as the people behind them.

Our sites and applications do end up sharing many similar attributes. Much like us, they are smart, friendly, good-looking and economical. We commit our attention, experience and creativity to all of our work, and they reflect that dedication. Every site should perform beautifully for both the client and the user.


Our Process

With over 15 years of experience in web development, Good Dog has a smooth and elegant process that provides proven results and makes work fun. Everything kicks off with the most important of stages, the Discovery phase. We begin with a review of the goals of the site and perform a competitive analysis of sites representing related organizations or appealing to similar audiences. We analyse all of this against the overarching strategic goals of the business to ensure that the digital strategy is aligned. GDD evaluates the current website features and performance, reviews user feedback, and investigates site requirements from design, engineering and marketing perspectives to clearly define the scope and content for the site. We then break out the digital markers and develop storyboards, navigation paths and a site map that clearly define the project scope and indicate areas for future development.

At the completion of the Discovery Stage, we meet with the client to review the Communication Brief, providing a comprehensive overview of the site redesign requirements from a feature and content perspective as well as technical requirements, deliverables, and the final schedule and budget for the project.

We then move to the Concept phase by developing a series of creative approaches to the site content, to clearly reflect the branding in the site flow and visual design. We love the chance to bring your vision to life and bring all of the information from the Discovery phase into our concepts. We begin developing the site architecture and navigation, and we refine the site schematics. We meet with our clients several times to refine and define an initial approach before developing the site look and feel and the user interface. At the close of the concept stage, a final design direction is approved. 

Rolling up our sleeves, we move into Design and Development to build out the navigation and look and feel across the entire site. All unique page layouts are created, reviewed and approved. Content and asset production commences while our team of coders do the heavy lifting with expertly customised coding. Site marketing strategies are reviewed and developed to ensure the site performs at maximum happiness levels.

During the Production phase, all templates and content are finalized, and graphics and layouts will be prepared for production. The finely tuned site templates will be created, tested and delivered into either a Content Management System or directly into a production environment. GDD will deliver final deliverables and any other required materials. Responsive and Mobile Ready code is rolled out into a staging environment and tested. At the close of the Production stage, we finalize the site maintenance strategy, including any required staff training, and discuss future site updates and improvements.

The site Launch includes celebrations and various forms of expertly choreographed tap dancing. The fun doesn't end there; we continue to work closely with clients through the Continuing Improvement Phase. We love to throw in new and exciting ideas to further improve existing products as new code and technology emerge. We are always on the lookout for ways to make an already exemplary experience an even better one.