Mobile App Design + Development

Delivering Tasty Mobile and Software Apps

We launched our first mobile app shortly after the iPhone app store opened, and we fell in love with mobile devices. Our skills and expertise in user experience, design and coding have proven to be a natural fit in the development of Mobile Apps. We offer a wide breadth of tools to help our clients refine and fully develop their concepts from brainstorming all the way through to roll-out.

Good Dog doesn't simply develop - we are with you through every step of the process, providing unique and trustworthy services and strategy.


Our Process

In mobile app design, we follow a similar set of development steps to our proven approach to web development, with Discovery, Concept, Design and Development, Production and Continuing Improvement phases. It's in the Discovery phase where we really get a chance to shine. Mobile app development allows us bring in our years of experience to offer our own concepts and ideas to enhance the project. We then develop a series of storyboards and wireframes that clearly define how the app will work and operate.

Flexibility is our point of difference. We've saved customers huge amounts of money through rapid prototype development and working proof of concepts that can be used to efficiently test the waters and bring in valuable feedback. We value a nimble approach and are always looking for ways for our clients to get the absolute maximum value out of their budgets.

One of our founders began life as a designer with Lucas Toys and that is reflected in our innovative approach to the way we begin the Concept phase through series of creative approaches that will match your vision in mobile form. Our team of designers have worked on a broad spectrum of apps, from streamlined corporate to whimsical kids games, and we guarantee rich and engaging design for each and every project.

Throughout the process, our team of coders provides input and advice to ensure a smooth build transition. A well mapped and documented Production phase lets our coders get straight down to business writing expertly written customised code. Along the way, the code is constantly tested and QA'd to make sure the app not only meets but exceeds expectations. A period of beta testing and further tweaking follows, allowing clients to take the app out into the wild before it is rolled out to the general public through a final release.

We don't say goodbye at the product release - we continue to work closely with our clients through the Continuing Improvement Phase. We love to brainstorm new and exciting concepts to further improve existing products as new code and technologies emerge. We are always on the lookout for ways to make an already exemplary experience an even better one.