On Friday we received a mysterious email message to our "Contact Us" address, which included this rather cryptic sentence, "Sz🍔🍔zzz. 🐯A😳😳".

A little bewildered and thinking our spam filter had broken, we recevied another email about twenty minutes later from the same address explaning everything.  The original message had been generated by their 20 month old baby boy playing on our TickleMonster App.  He managed to open the "About Us" info, click on the website link, and then motor on over to the contact form.  He apparently loves the app so much he had to let us know.  It's the best review a toddler has sent us yet, and is right up there with our all time favorite review the app has ever received :

"If you have kids, this app is like the wire, abbey road, and the godfather all rolled into one. Great for car rides, messing around the living room, or strangely on nights out drinking. Highest possible recommendation."

Check it out for yourself at ticklemonster.gooddogdesign.com