Our History

In 1992 an idea was born. 

An idea of such beauty and artistic grace that the world would never again be the same. We are of course talking about the self-titled album "Celine Dion." At the same time and with slightly less fanfare, a small design firm named Good Dog Design sprang to life.

Since our inception, we have been dedicated to producing work that is of the highest quality, creating captivating user experiences and fostering lasting client relationships. Each day we draw upon individual and combined experience to produce work that is elegantly suited to our projects' needs.

With offices in California and South Australia, we are always open for business and can work around the clock without getting cranky. This allows us to maintain both our standards and our flexibility and to always deliver projects on schedule and budget.

Like a good dog, we are loyal, smart, tireless and fun. Our experiences working with many talented and dedicated clients have given us an unbridled enthusiasm for meeting new design challenges. We approach each project as an opportunity to create work with integrity, to delight users and to exceed client expectations.