We recently launched a redesign site for Peter Belanger. Peter is one of the top studio photographers in the US; he's done amazing work for clients like Apple, Sony, Johnson & Johnson, Dwell Magazine and Macworld.

I met Peter on the first day at RISD (we were in the same dorm). Even though he should have known better, we became great friends, and it's been an honor to watch his business develop and grow. I really enjoyed working on his site, and we tried a number of interesting techniques to develop a strong platform to present his stunning work.

Right off the bat, we knew we had to create a full screen, scalable site that could show the work as a large as possible. Mark Martin, our talented developer worked to create a canvas-based system that seamlessly scales images to virtually any window size. This was all done without a single bit of Flash, a rarity for photographers' websites. The custom back-end was built in Ruby on Rails.

Beyond the portfolio, we also created a Blog and refreshed the stock site to work within the new design. So head on over and check out peterbelanger.com